Thursday, January 2, 2014

12/22 Happier posts

I love Garfield and Odie!

Seriously? 2 days and 15 hours? Sheesh!! Honestly I can't wait!!

His hair makes me laugh!

$350 in groceries (shock)...

Dang this is good yogurt!! WoW!! Noose brand.

One of my Christmas favorites!

My favorite boys + a neighbor!! :) 38 degree basketball lol

I found this online - of a place in Addison, Dallas. Isn't it so pretty?

My tree makes me happy!

Happiness is a plate of pierogies! Love Polish food!

Santa outfit is too small. lol he's still darn cute!

My mom knits me the best socks!!!! I have the warmest feet every winter. 

They featured my post in discover on Happier. So cool!

Nick (left) is sleeping over. When these two play baseball we can't tell them apart lol. Same height. Same build. Same hair in a hat. Great friends!

Eggnog love and bedtime!

I love a made bed! My dog is hiding out among the pillows lol