Monday, December 16, 2013

12/16 Thankful things!

Thankful that a year after being diagnosed with breast cancer, my scans came back clean, I had reconstruction, awesome physical therapy facility and I'm back to work!

Do you see who I see? The kids love our elf who lives to move when they are at school.

Justin enjoys rain just like his momma.

My little man seems tired and is really hard on himself. Had to give him a hug and a pep talk. He's doing much better now. Love him!

Joey's study guide for science (part of it anyhow).

The moon is huge though it doesn't look like it here and the sunset is pretty. This is where Joey practices soccer.

This song makes me happy :) So does my Ford Sync radio interface!

I love this catchy song! Makes me happy!

A year ago when I went through chemo and wore a wig - my son showed me that even Lego people have wigs! 

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