Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Smoothies and other happy things

I'm happy I took the time today to make a green smoothie! Green grapes, pineapple, a banana, and spinach. It is actually pretty good. Kids drink it too!

Standstill traffic. Glad I gave myself extra time and I have the waze app to assist me around this. Plus the sun is out :)

New kicks make me happy!!

A close friend told me today I seem so much happier since I've installed the happier app. I'm laughing more they said! :)

It is Schwan's delivery day. I love the delivery guy and the food. He told me funny stories about how people text him about the food they like at like 2am lol

Last minute play date with Joey's best friend. All you hear is laughter in the house!

Heard in our  household from the 7 year old boy - 'I'm so hungry I can't hold it any longer!!' Yes, dinner was ready shortly after.

Recipes for dinner this week!

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