Friday, December 6, 2013

Daily Documenting Holidays Days 3-6

Day 3 -

What kind of lights are they? Are they decoration or part of a religious tradition?

Regular lights in this house. The stairs and front tree are strung with white lights. 

The tree in the living room by the fireplace has colored lights. They are decoration for the tree. 

Day 4 -
Is it a real or fake tree? Outside or in- side? Public or private? What’s your favorite thing about it?

I'm not a fan of real trees. I was drug to a tree farm every winter in sub zero temperatures to find the perfect tree. My parents may have enjoyed the tradition but I did not. Then you have the tree needles picking you as you try to add the lights and ornaments. The needles drop and someone has to get under the tree to water it. It is not worth it to me. 

Right now we use a tree that was given to Joe's family over 50 years ago and the one in the front is a pre lit tall skinny tree - and only one strand on the pre lit tree still works. The pre lit trees are such a waste of money. 

Day 5 - Cookies - Did you bake them or buy them? If you baked them, where did the recipe come from? Do you give them as gifts, or eat them yourself?

We sometimes make sugar cookies and use the cookie cutters to cut them out and decorate. We don't give them as gifts.

Grandma Char was in town before Thanksgiving this year and the boys helped her decorate sugar cookies.

Day 6 - Who are the presents for? Did you buy them early, or last minute? Who is on your gift list?

Santa brings gifts for the boys, Joe and I. Everyone else gets their gifts shipped to them because they all live outside of Texas. 

Christmas 2012 at our home

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