Thursday, December 12, 2013

Back to work

After being on medical leave for 9 weeks, I'm grateful to have a job and awesome coworkers to return to today! I work in IT and miss it!

A clean office to start my 'back to work' day in!

I get physical therapy four days a week. This facility is Pilates based physical therapy (Stonebridge Body Works) and fantastic!! They have helped me so much. SO thankful for them.

Mooyah's lunch. One of my favorite turkey burgers!!

I had to go into a branch to get my PC on the network since it is my first day back to work and I couldn't get online from home but they got me online!!

I'm happy when I went into work today I had work worthy clothes that still fit me. Working from home has spoiled me!

Do you see who I see? lol - he crawled into my nicely made bed to watch tv.

Out of the mouth of my 7 year old boy (Justin) - 'Dad, boys have better restrooms than women.' Dad says, 'How do you know this?' Justin says, 'Because I went exploring.'

My rat terrier asleep at my feet.

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