Wednesday, December 18, 2013

12/18 Happier posts

Brought the dog bed up for the dog so he can chill with me while I work.

I just saved $1.00 on gas using my Kroger points. Gas for $1.94!

Who's happy? This girl!! It is December and look at the temp outside! Perfect weather!

I'm easily amused. I was talking to Siri:

Siri is an assistant on some iPhones. She is actually quite witty. Ask her who let the dogs out! 

The kids watching their personalized message from Santa!!

Joey watching his message from Santa! They made the nice list!

Sunset facing EAST at the soccer fields.

This is the sunset WEST. To the east it looks purple and blue and to the west it looks like this. Gorgeous!

Joey is doing the jumping with the sweatshirt on in the back. Love Ayses Soccer. Great organization!

Justin and I doing our reading while Joey is at soccer practice. Dad normally picks him up but he had to work late tonight.

Justin and I read two books tonight so I got him an icee. He's a happy child!! He cracks me up all the time.

Seriously - straight no chaser is an amazing group of guys who do awesome Christmas songs. This one is hilarious. I love how they sing Africa by Toto in it!

I love receiving Christmas cards from friends - especially those which I did the photography!! So cool to see the photos you took for others on their Christmas cards!

Justin was giving out hugs earlier to his daddy.

I am completely caught up with wrapping. Just waiting on a few more things to come in the mail. I'm so relieved to be well this year and not going through chemo!

Joe setting up the new tv. The last one Justin threw a lego at and broke the screen. We didn't have a tv upstairs for over two months. The new rule is no flying objects, nerf gun wars or anything of the sort in the media room.

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