Friday, December 13, 2013

12/13 thankful things

My driveway is finally not a sheet of ice!!!! Dallas is thawing out!

Realizing my epic fail of dinner in a crock pot isn't a fail because it only needs 3-4 hours.

We are eating venison for dinner. Justin eats a few pieces and says, "Dad, I'm not sure I like the reindeer." hahaha!

Something I could relate to back in March after a major surgery but glad to be alive and blessed today.

A hot bath in the jacuzzi on a cold evening makes me super happy (and spoiled)!

This is our neighbor's toy poodle. She pretty much lives here (she loves us) and she loves my rat terrier. She is staying the night tonight. So cute!!

I'm happy I figured out how to turn off the alarm on my weather station. It woke me up beeping at 1am and 5am last night! No more late night wakings!

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