Sunday, November 24, 2013

Getting back to normal...

We have had visitors every single day since around Oct 5th, I then had my reconstruction Oct 8th and then have had people in the house every since day to help take care of me until Grandma Char left Thursday. I'm trying to find our new normal. I have physical therapy every day and Monday I'm scheduled for a MRI, which I will be traveling to unless the sleet/freezing rain makes traveling impossible.

I found a before and after of our kitchen. Earlier this year we had painters in our house for about 3 weeks. We got rid of this ugly wood on our cabinets, which was starting to wear anyhow. We also had the golden and purple grapes wallpaper stripped, removed, the walls retextured and painted. 


After! The only thing I'd change is the backsplash, but it isn't a concern right now.

I go to physical therapy four days a week to regain strength in my core (since I had the tummy tuck) and flexibility and range of motion in my arms/shoulders. I'm doing fairly well on the right side but the left side still has a long way to go. It is so tight where the arm pit attaches to the torso. The machine above is one of the machines I use in order to do my arm stretching. The facility is all pilates based and quite amazing. Every time I go there I feel so much stronger than the day before.  

Grandma Char picked up the boys from school one day and took them to ice cream at Cherry Berry.

One of my friends, Melissa, sent me completely natural and homemade lotion, deodorant and two different types of soaps! They are AMAZING!

Talking about amazing - pumpkin roll.... Grandma Char (Joe's mom), made this amazing dessert. 

I owed Justin two packs of pokemon cards - one for hitting the baseball all the way to the green in a game, and the other for being a good sport when I took impromptu fall photos last second the other day. Of course he pulls and ultra rare card. He says that I always pick the best pokemon card packs.

Justin by our tree :)

A few selfies of me - my hair is getting longer!

Selfie of me with my new rain coat! Never owned a rain coat before! 

This is relaxation... warm socks your mother knit you, my ipad, my feet kicked up and the tree illuminating in front of me. Perfection!

Happy Christmas to me. I have been wanting one of these and finally used all of my allowance and the Christmas money from Grandma Char and Grandma Norma to get the vitamix. I haven't really played with it yet but I will report back on it.

These are the photos I took at the end of our street. It was very impromptu - I threw the idea together and got them dressed in five minutes and started clicking. I love the barefoot natural feel of the photos (plus their tennis shoes are worn). 

This is their true, happy and goofing off personalities. Love it.

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