Sunday, November 24, 2013

Daily Doc Holiday Edition! Favorite Holiday Tradition

I purchased this guide for journaling called, 'DLW's Daily Doc Holiday Edition', from the document Life Workshop. It will guide me on a different prompt for blogging every day. I'm excited to do this.

A favorite tradition:
When did the tradition start? Is it a family tradition? Why is it your favorite?

We have two favorite holiday traditions in our family.

Tree Goes Up Early

1. We put up the tree and all the Christmas decorations at the beginning of November. Yes, I know this is before that very coveted Thanksgiving holiday, but having the tree up with the branches dancing with lights just makes me warm inside. It is an early feel good every year. It is like having an anti-depressant four weeks early!

I also can't imagine putting up a tree (or in our house two trees), and all the decorations after Thanksgiving to just take it down after Christmas. All that work for ONE MONTH or less? No thank you! This year Thanksgiving is late and so the holiday is being celebrated November 28th. That's less than a month to enjoy your tree! Neighbors may make fun of me that my tree is shining outside my window at the beginning of November - but I do not care! Plus - there is nothing better than when the kids get home from school and start to shriek that the Christmas tree is up. It gets everyone in the mood!

Hallmark Ornaments Every Year

2. Every year the family goes to Hallmark and the kids pick out their own ornaments. I write the name and year on the bottom of the box. You can see every year what they were interested in, based on the ornaments they chose.

Joey had a hard time choosing this year. He finally got this one. It cost a pretty penny, but it makes sounds and has movement and looks darling on the tree. 

Justin picked the baseball Penguin and instead of writing his name on the bat, I had him write his own name on the bat, so years down the road he will remember what his handwriting looked like when he was 7 years old. 

This year my parents were in town for three weeks during the end part of October and to November 7th or so. I wasn't moving around so well from my reconstruction surgery so they pretty much put up all the Christmas decorations for me, which was so nice. 

The boys decorated and hung every ornament on this tree!

My dad, right before he left to go home, saying, "Mission accomplished!"

My mom and dad with the boys before they left.

The boys with gifts Grandma Char brought when she came to visit in November. 

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