Tuesday, September 17, 2013

School, Soccer, birthday parties

Our life has been full of school and soccer - and sprinkled with a little baseball. Two kids, four sports, lots of running around makes for a tired, but happy family.

Here are some of our most recent happenings:

It was college week at school. This is Justin's class. He loves his first grade teacher.

Justin is far right. All the Aggies posed together.

Joey's soccer practices are anywhere from an hour and a half to 2 hours long a few times a week. I don't feel comfortable just leaving for that amount of time. Instead of sitting, I've been walking. If you see this complex - it is HUGE. It is also dry as a bone as we have a severe drought and haven't had rain in months. The ground is so dry it is cracking and they have had to patch the ground with dirt so the kids the trip and fall. I've been getting a lot of exercising done!

Joey's Ayses Soccer practice field.

Justin had a birthday party last weekend and it was at a rock climbing place. He loved it!

Justin trying to reach the top!

Here's a photo of me. I recently got my hair trimmed and it is really growing back!

9/14 was Justin's second soccer game of the year. Here are a few photos from the game. 

Justin kicking the ball.

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