Saturday, September 7, 2013

Joey's first Ayses Soccer game

Today was Joey's first game with his new select team - Ayses Gold. His coach is Vinnie Davis. We tried out with quite a few teams before we chose this one. We ruled out one because they were too far to drive to practice twice a week, and the other I loved the coach, but they didn't have an established 04 boys team, and the other merged with our current team, and then we tried out for Ayses and it just felt right. It's a smaller team. We have about 13 and all the boys play well together. Vinnie does an amazing job of coaching. The other thing we loved is that Joey is able to have goalie training with their goalie coach M-Th - any day he needs or wants as you just go. Since he has practice Mondays and Wednesdays, we go to goalie practice on Tuesdays. Joey loves soccer and has been working hard on his skills, which showed during today's win over this FC Dallas Select team - 3-1. 

Here are some photos from the game today. I wanted to add today was also Justin's first game with his existing soccer team, Lightening. Because the games were at the same time, Joe and I had to split up and I wasn't able to see Justin's game - but I was told they won like 15-0 or something like that and Justin scored a goal! So proud of my little man.

The team - before the game.

Joey using his skills to stop the ball and turn (see photo below)

Joey's throw in

I love this photo of 'goalie' Joey.

Someone on our team fouled the ball, and so they had a kick-off. Joey wasn't able to dive to save this ball. He literally missed it by a few inches but his dive looked great!

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