Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mac Convert

I'm one of those girls who just love gadgets and technology. I love to learn new things. I love to challenge myself. These type of things just make me happy and make me who I am.

My birthday came and went when we were in Michigan this year. Joe didn't really give me an idea that I was getting anything but I was begging him for an iMac. I've been eyeing them at Best Buy and have just been really wanting one. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and I wanted to see how it would handle my photography editing.

Yesterday we went and got myself a 27" iMac. Oh God, I'm in love. I have never had a mac before. I have other apple products, but not an actually computer. I'm not sure I'll ever go back. It is so much faster than the windows pc's we have been buying.

IMG 1417


I'm also trying out a blog editing tool called Mac Convert to see if it is worth the money in order to post to my blog. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer update

This summer has been busy for all of us. 

I finally finished my radiation at the end of May and the boys started summer vacation not long after. We've spent a large portion of the summer finding a new soccer team for Joey. There were many reasons for this change but a large part was we have been asking for goal keeper training for over a year now with no response. There are so many teams that are going through organizational changes right now that trying out with other teams was somewhat overwhelming. One we ruled out due to the fact practice was too far away. One we loved the coach but there wasn't a solid 04 team. The other there were too many organizational unknowns. We finally decided on Ayses. Instead of 60 kids practicing all together, just his team practices. They concentrate heavily on skills, which Joey is lacking, and they told us we could go to goalie practice any day Monday through Thursday, so we could build it into our schedule. 

On top of it Joey is playing baseball. Justin is also playing baseball and soccer and Joe plans to play adult softball. Oh, I bet I did not mention my reconstruction is October 8th. I think we may be setting ourselves up to fail! We will manage the best we can. That is all we can do. 

Justin has enjoyed his summer. He decided he wants to be cool and grow out his hair. The only downside of this is tangles! I'm so used to brushing short hair, mine included! Every time I am brushing a snarl out of his hair, I keep thinking to myself that I really may have to buy a detangler spray for my son! 

Justin and Joey have both been going to daycare three days a week. They have gone on really cool field trips to places like Hawaiian Falls, Six Flags, our local pool, science museum, and they have had some really cool visitors come in - like a magician and a petting zoo. They have made wonderful friends this summer going to Xplor. I'm glad that they were able to go to someplace fun like this! When I was a kid and went to daycare every day, we surely didn't get to go on field trips like this!

We made the decision to go Michigan this summer. I wasn't sure we'd be able to go at all since I've been out on medical leave but I was able to return to work earlier than expected so I was able to accrue some time.