Thursday, March 7, 2013


Yesterday I had the sentinel node biopsy. Today I was recovering. I woke up really sleepy and getting the kids ready for school was a little bit of a challenge but I was able to get it done.

Afterwards I relaxed and played on Joey's ipad. I have pretty much hijacked his ipad and use it to play my games - like restaurant and bakery story, and a few others. Afterwards I took a long nap.

Diana came today and cleaned the house. Boy, did it ever need it. Diana is the best at cleaning our house - she does an amazing job and our house sparkles when she leaves. Joe and I both agree it is so worth the money. Joe says when he gets home from work, the last thing he wants to do is clean the shower.

The photo shown is of Rascal, our rat terrier, playing with his new squeaky toy.

Not much else going on. Joey's soccer practice was cancelled today and instead, he went to baseball practice.

Justin is doing well. He went over Caden's house for a little bit today, and has dumped out all the legos upstairs and has been searching for Mace Windu.

The other photo is last night Rascal was sitting on the blanket and looked adorable!

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