Saturday, December 21, 2013

12/21 Happier moments

Remember this folks - I move mountains!

"Wakey Wakey", says Rascal!!

Coffee. iPad. Kids are doing errands with dad. Pandora streaming Christmas music on the sound bar. Life is good!!

This is a 'word cloud' using the words I use most on happier. Notice Happy is the biggest and then Justin lol. That kid makes me laugh

Awe got this from my little niece!!! It was a get well soon from my surgery two months ago. Awe!

My sweet niece made an ornament for me! 

My mom sent us chocolates. YUM

Kids are finding coins for their new coin albums. Dad collects coins so he's showing them how to start.

Mom and dad sent chocolates. Life is like a box of chocolates...

Chocolate goodies! Whitman's and Ghiradelli. Do I have to share?

Sent this to my bestie, Kelly. She LOVES Rosa's and Joe and I went here for lunch.

Rosa's Cafe for lunch. Eating really healthy lately (sarcasm)!

I'm happy to finally have a lap desk!!

Sun is trying to show her sunny rays after our rain today

My new lap desk, iPad and the weather channel is on - just a few of my favorite things!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday parties galore!

65 and cloudy. A little muggy because rain is coming. Beautiful morning to walk the dog in peace.

I love the rain which may be coming this way but the sun is trying to show her sunny ways anyhow, this morning. Blessed to have awesome weather in December.

Sun trying to show

Sun showing herself.

Be Happy. It's your choice.

Justin at his school Christmas party today.

They are happy to go to drop in daycare again!

Happy is eating deep fried pickles!!

Minecraft stocking stuffer score from Barnes and Noble! 

Starbucks Caramel brûlée blended frappucino drink. Mmmmm

Joey at his class party today. 

As you can see he is very creative haha!

Joey and his teacher. She is amazing and such an amazing teacher and gorgeous on top of it all!

Justin's best friend Carson, hanging out under the table.

Justin at his holiday party. He does the long hair so well.

The snow globe they made.

Justin's teacher who is also amazing and beautiful!! Justin loves her! He's not in this photo but I wanted to include the pic for memories. Carson, Justin's best friend, is in yellow.

This photo is not in focus. This little girl is Haley and is Justin's girlfriend. Her mom took the photo and sent it to me :)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

12/19 Happier posts

I make Justin these mini waffles in the morning. I line the plate with them and then make a smile face with syrup on the plate. Look at his crazy hair. 

High of 68 here! Taking the dog on a much needed stroll. The sun is trying to break through the clouds. Love the fresh air!

My 83 year old Grandma is so sweet. I just ordered her a bouquet of pink flowers - her favorite. Missing her sweet smile. This is a photo from over the summer when we visited her.

A friend knows I love birds and owls and got me a gift for Christmas. She even got the dog a treat!

Is Bobby McFerrin singing in your head?

Let no one come to you without leaving happier - Mother Teresa (Her quotes are amazing)

He decided tonight we are reading the Peterson Field Guide to Stars and Planets. Oh and let's not forget eating pretzels!

Joey and I reading a book called, "Holes", on his iPad. He told me I needed to use apostrophes when I write the name of the book in this post. haha - smart boy!

Resting on the most comfortable rug ever! This is Kali, she's 13 and spoiled rotten.

The guest room bedroom.

Justin.... shaking my head...