Thursday, October 11, 2012

Glade Expression Review

As part of being a bzzagent I was given the opportunity to test and review Glade Expression products. The first one I tried was the the Glade Expression Oil Diffuser. The screw in portion for the oil and the oil diffuser piece was a bit confusing and didn't exactly screw into place like I would have thought. I got a little oil on my fingers and wiped it on plush eye mask I use for sleeping and let me tell you - it smelled good every time I used the eye mask!

Once I got the piece together it looked really nice and it smelled even better! I got the lavender scent and set it up in my bedroom and it was the most amazing smell. Lavender is a great smell for the bedroom. It is relaxing. Even my husband made a comment on how good it smelled and how it made him calm down for bed time. I am definitely going to keep buying refills for this scent for my bedroom. I have this on my night stand. Doesn't it look nice? It is the white reed looking piece on the nightstand back behind the alarm clock in white.

The other product I was able to test was the fragrance mist. I wasn't exactly in love with this product I hate to say. It smells great but having it in a container to mask the fact it is a fragrance spray seemed silly to me. It was a little hard to figure out how to squeeze.

If I had to pick my choice I'd definitely stick with the lavender oil diffuser kit. It is my favorite of mine and a 5 star product in my book!

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