Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It was Kay…

A package came in the mail. I always open packages! Most the time they are for me anyhow. I opened this one, and saw something at the bottom and said, Oh crap and shut it really fast. All I saw was something white at the bottom. It looked like a brick of white chocolate and I couldn’t figure out why I was sent white chocolate but I thought maybe it was Godiva.

I told Joe I accidentally opened the package and he wasn’t so happy with me. He asked if I had seen what was in the package. I told him I had.

When he got home he gave me what was in the package.

It wasn’t a brick of chocolate – it was this necklace!!

I rarely ever get jewelry from Joe. I got a pair of earrings once. This was a surprise. It wasn’t chocolate! He went to Kay hahaha!


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