Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Facebook Statuses February 2012

2/1 - Joe Fisher and I are having a lunch date tomorrow. We will be around McKinney. Any good suggestions on lunch dates??

2/2 - I'm ok with more winter, as long as it's as mild as the one we've had this year!!!

2/3 - Groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter but I just had to turn on the ac to cool off the upstairs. This is crazy weather!

2/4 - Yahoo - up at 6am for an 8am soccer game in Lewisville - 40 minutes away!

2/6 - Facebook is such a time suck...jeez...

2/22 - A few weeks ago Joey asked, very seriously, "Did you have B&W tvs growin up?". I laughed and told him, 'No, we had color tvs', and he looked very relieved. Justin asks me this morning, 'Mom, was George Washington alive when you were a kid?' Really?! To add to the hurt, my favorite 80s music has been on an oldies/classic rock station for awhile. Does this mean I'm getting old?

2/25 - Justin's first soccer game! — with Joe Fisher at Preston Meadow Park.  My comment: It was good. By the end of the game he started to get it. I guess I was expecting him to be.more aggressive but that will come.

2/26 - The world lost a fine young man today. Philip Chevalier, you were my little brother. I am so saddened you left us. Jennifer Chevalier-Rhodes and Wanda J Davis my prayers are with your family. It's times like these I absolutely hate being far away and I'd give anything to give you a hug. Photo is Phil and I dancing at Jenny's wedding. Rest in peace bro. Love ya. :( ♥ Jenny sent me this photo this morning. Said it made her smile... ♥


Justin's second soccer game. — with Joe Fisher at Preston Meadow Park.

2/27 - Need to start packing...!!

2/28 - Waiting until 235 when the plane leaves. Layover in STL then on to Detroit. Love field is a pretty nice airport or at least straight-forward and easy to get to. Not looking forward to leave 70° all week and exchanging for 20-30°. Looking forward to seeing family and friends. — at Dallas Love Field.

2/28 - In the show me state for a whole two hours...may need a Starbucks run :) — at Southwest Terminal St Louis Airport.

I'm in Howell, Michigan! :)

Nothing beats hugs from dad!

2/29 - My brother, Greg, and my sweet niece, Maeve. I haven't seen her since August! She's 12 1/2 months. — with Gregory Dziekan.

464428_3208025512479_1021417036_3153834_1972089096_o (1)

I just gathered a bunch of chicken eggs w my dad! — with Raymond Dziekan.

Spent the day making up for lost time with dad! I had an awesome day. Now about to start an unknown adventure with my best friend, Jenny. — with Jennifer Chevalier-Rhodes and Raymond Dziekan.

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