Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birds and Joey’s new girlfriend

2012-02-12_10-37-41_564This is my bird feeder. I love it. It was full of birds today.

2012-02-12_10-38-05_309And I had a pretty red cardinal!

Joe has a friend, Lauren, who we went to school with. Lauren lives in Vegas now but her best friend moved to McKinney so she set us up. We made a playdate at a local bounce house since our kids are the same age. I wasn’t sure how Joey would do with a girl, but he’s SMITTEN with Emma.

At one point she was resting her head on his stomach looking at photos on her mom’s phone. It was so cute…yet a rude awakening that my little boy is growing up!!

2012-02-12_14-22-45_755Joey and Emma

2012-02-12_14-22-55_329See Joey and Emma? They are adorable.


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