Friday, February 24, 2012

2/24–A day in the life…

2012-02-24_10-50-06_821I don’t remember who or how but someone broke this glass. It was probably me.

2012-02-24_12-27-19_919Alex relaxing in our room.

2012-02-24_12-31-09_224I wish I was a cat…

2012-02-24_14-26-44_582I want a jeep. I want a jeep with four doors, color red and a black top. AND I want tires like this. AND a wheel cover for the back that says Life is good and has a palm tree!

2012-02-24_14-35-30_126Another rocking song!!

2012-02-24_15-27-04_838Kids took the money they had together and bought this off ebay.

2012-02-24_15-53-30_931Joey obviously liked the blue sucker…

2012-02-24_18-29-07_532Getting ready for my GNO!!

2012-02-24_19-27-49_251This girl got a mojito!! Mmmmm

2012-02-24_20-54-58_632We went out for Michelle’s birthday and our friend Haley got this for her. Too funny.

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