Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Facebook Statuses February 2012

2/1 - Joe Fisher and I are having a lunch date tomorrow. We will be around McKinney. Any good suggestions on lunch dates??

2/2 - I'm ok with more winter, as long as it's as mild as the one we've had this year!!!

2/3 - Groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter but I just had to turn on the ac to cool off the upstairs. This is crazy weather!

2/4 - Yahoo - up at 6am for an 8am soccer game in Lewisville - 40 minutes away!

2/6 - Facebook is such a time suck...jeez...

2/22 - A few weeks ago Joey asked, very seriously, "Did you have B&W tvs growin up?". I laughed and told him, 'No, we had color tvs', and he looked very relieved. Justin asks me this morning, 'Mom, was George Washington alive when you were a kid?' Really?! To add to the hurt, my favorite 80s music has been on an oldies/classic rock station for awhile. Does this mean I'm getting old?

2/25 - Justin's first soccer game! — with Joe Fisher at Preston Meadow Park.  My comment: It was good. By the end of the game he started to get it. I guess I was expecting him to be.more aggressive but that will come.

2/26 - The world lost a fine young man today. Philip Chevalier, you were my little brother. I am so saddened you left us. Jennifer Chevalier-Rhodes and Wanda J Davis my prayers are with your family. It's times like these I absolutely hate being far away and I'd give anything to give you a hug. Photo is Phil and I dancing at Jenny's wedding. Rest in peace bro. Love ya. :( ♥ Jenny sent me this photo this morning. Said it made her smile... ♥


Justin's second soccer game. — with Joe Fisher at Preston Meadow Park.

2/27 - Need to start packing...!!

2/28 - Waiting until 235 when the plane leaves. Layover in STL then on to Detroit. Love field is a pretty nice airport or at least straight-forward and easy to get to. Not looking forward to leave 70° all week and exchanging for 20-30°. Looking forward to seeing family and friends. — at Dallas Love Field.

2/28 - In the show me state for a whole two hours...may need a Starbucks run :) — at Southwest Terminal St Louis Airport.

I'm in Howell, Michigan! :)

Nothing beats hugs from dad!

2/29 - My brother, Greg, and my sweet niece, Maeve. I haven't seen her since August! She's 12 1/2 months. — with Gregory Dziekan.

464428_3208025512479_1021417036_3153834_1972089096_o (1)

I just gathered a bunch of chicken eggs w my dad! — with Raymond Dziekan.

Spent the day making up for lost time with dad! I had an awesome day. Now about to start an unknown adventure with my best friend, Jenny. — with Jennifer Chevalier-Rhodes and Raymond Dziekan.

A day in Michigan 2/29/12

2012-02-29_09-11-14_397My dad makes the best breakfast – including Bob Evan’s sausage links. Yummo

2012-02-29_13-20-29_237Crappy Michigan Weather – need I say more? This was the cross street I used to turn on to get to my house when we lived in Michigan.

2012-02-29_17-58-31_259Chickens LOVE it when my mom throws compost into the compost pile.

2012-02-29_17-58-43_915Chickens getting a tasty snack.

2012-02-29_21-42-52_414Jenny and I hanging out the first evening together. We went to Meijer and she and I died laughing as she tried on all the kid’s glasses!

2012-02-29_21-44-19_427She told me she had a ‘Woody’ haha!

2012-02-29_22-33-06_537Old memories in Howell! This used to be the wooden bridge we used to cross over when I was a kid.

IMG_0669My beautiful niece, Maeve

IMG_0672Greg and Maeve


IMG_0700My dad and the chicken pen he built.

IMG_0706Nesting Chicken

IMG_0708My awesome dad!

IMG-20120229-WA0023Of course Justin loses his first tooth while I was gone. Yay Justin!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2/28 - Michigan

My best friend, Jenny’s little brother died in a freak accident in February. You can read about why I made the trip to Michigan here. I was so happy to see my mom and dad!! Here they are relaxing in their living room. It was so nice to be ‘home’.



Sunday, February 26, 2012

2/26–Justin’s second game

We had two games back to back because one was a remake. Here is Justin’s second game.














IMG_0632-2He wanted his hair spray painted blue :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

2/25–Justin’s FIRST soccer game!

We were so excited! This was Justin’s very first soccer game! After years and years of watching his brother, he finally got to play in his very own soccer game! Here are some of the photos…
IMG_0535-2Coach Sam and Justin.
IMG_0544-2Playing with his loose tooth.

Justin’s first soccer game–Part 2




IMG_0562-2This photo and the next series of photos is the coach tackling his own son because he made his first goal! It was so sweet!