Friday, January 20, 2012

Quiet but busy

I've been really busy this past week. Monday we had the day off. Tuesday evening I went over to a friend's house. Wednesday I stayed home with Joe and watched American Idol. Thursday I went to another friend's house and today I'm finally home.

The biggest thing this week was I was asked to quote a wedding portrait package. I have just started my business and cater more towards kids and family style photo shoots so the wedding package took me by surprise. I had to figure out a good price to charge, which included photos being printed and albums being purchased. I then had to think about a deposit, lenses to rent and a bunch of other things. It consumed me this week. We'll see if she decides to go with my quote or not. Either way, I signed up for a 5 week wedding photography course that is on every Sunday from 2-6 starting Feb 26th. I'm very excited about this class. It teaches you contracts, posing, equipment and pretty much everything you need to do wedding photography. It also includes two photo sessions (engagement and bridal) so you can learn how to pose and I can take photos with my camera to add to my portfolio. I'm excited about this class. If anything, it will expose me to wedding photography and if I really want to do this in the future.

Joey is getting so big. He told me the other day he didn't need a 'character' backpack anymore and I bought him a Jansport. Sigh.

Tomorrow we have his birthday party at Dr. Pepper Star Center in McKinney. It's an ice arena and we have 7 boys coming to ice skate with him. I hope it is a good time. Not many know how to ice skate so I hope it will be fun for everyone and not frustrating.

I finally took down the Christmas stuff today. It was sad. I love the Christmas trees and decorations but it is January 21st and I guess it's time to take them down. It was a big job. It's so much easier going up, than coming down.

I also finally cleaned the house. Alex has been puking everywhere in the house and I had it today. We went through the entire house vacuuming and Joey wet vacuuming the carpets. The tree came down, the Christmas decorations came down and everything is finally back to 'normal'. I even had the boys wash the toilet in the guest bathroom because their aim STINKS!! Which literally makes the bathroom stink. You would walk by and it would smell like pee. If the boys are going to screw up that bathroom that badly, then they can clean it up. I'm done with it.

The weather this week has been crazy. We've been in the 20s all the way to the 70s - close to 80. I think we hit 77 today. It was amazing outside. I can't believe it this year. January is normally very cold here. It's been almost 50-70 the entire month. I can't believe 77 today! I had all the windows open airing the house out. I was so happy. The warm weather makes me so happy.

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