Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Facebook Statuses January 2012

1/7 - We had a soccer game at 7:45 this morning. Joey was on fire and played great defense and was then put into the game as a striker for the first time and he scored a goal in less than 2 minutes. Proud mommy here! WTG Joey!

1/8 - My sweet Joey turns 8 today! Where has the time gone? Happy birthday to my sweet, funny, and happy child. ♥

1/9 - Figuring out WordPress...just because :)

1/15 - Sad subtle reminders lately that my kids are growing up.
1. Joey tells me he doesn't need a 'character' backpack anymore and gets a Jansport.
2. Justin is out of 4/5 clothes and into 6/7 and I have a pile of clothes I'm saddened to have to give away. No more boys to pass them down to :(
3. Joey was visibly embarrassed about something I said when we were in front of an older girl.
4. Joey is 4'5'' tall and in size 10 clothes and he JUST turned 8.
Thank GOD both of them still snuggle with me every night. They are growing too fast.

1/15 - I'm launching Life's Little Moments Photography by Briana. I'd love it if you could be a fan of my facebook page (see below)!
My new website is http://www.llmbybriana.com/. Let me know what you think!
Thank you!! ♥

1/19 - It is going to be an awesome day. I get in the car and NIN Terrible Lie is playing. Oh how I missed NIN. On top of that it will be near 70 today. NIN and warmth. Mmmm

1/22 -

409206_10150702127003082_773043081_12271505_1732710906_nJoey in class

1/24 - Does anyone have a recommendation for a good hand lotion for extremely dry hands? The constant hand washing has dried my hands out so much they are starting to crack and bleed :(

1/26 - Warning to all: If I give you a blank look today, or if you ask me something and I have no clue what you are talking about, just pat me on the back and tell me it's ok. I honestly think my brain took a vacation. It's one of those days...

1/27 - I ♥ productive Fridays!!! I've gotten so much done today!

1/28 - I'm renting a sweet Canon lens for my two game basketball shoot today! I can't wait.

1/29 - My sweet son Joey and I had some awesome time together today. He agreed to go downtown with me and let me do a photo shoot and now we have an ice cream date at Dairy Queen.

1/31 - Not many people can say this but.... I ♥ my job!! :)

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