Sunday, January 8, 2012

1/8–Happy 8th birthday Joey!

2012-01-08_12-24-07_718Random photo of me.

IMG_9458After we had breakfast Justin insisted that Joey open his birthday gift that he got him. Justin got Joey a dino lego set.

IMG_9459Joey loved the gift so much, this is what happened after. I am so glad I got this photo. It is probably one of my most favorite photos of emotion that I’ve ever taken. Joey thanked Justin so many times Justin said, “Joey! You have already told me that FIVE times now!”

IMG_9466Joey got Joey a cookie cake and it was soooo good.


IMG_9560Later that day Joey had soccer practice. Here is his coach after practice talking to the boys.

IMG_9562-4I had a great idea of a photo after practice and this is exactly how I wanted it to come out.

IMG_9567Joey then wanted to play on the playground for awhile that was nearby practice. We also had fun throwing the football to each other. Afterwards we stopped at Toys R Us and told Joey our gift to him was a new bike. His existing bike was pretty worn – the tires were worn and the chain was worn. It was almost too dangerous to ride. He picked out this Lime Mongoose Overt Bike.

IMG_9570Justin was feeling left out of the attention and asked for a photo too. What a cutie.

IMG_9571Gosh, doesn’t he look old now? My baby is EIGHT!

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