Saturday, January 7, 2012


We had to be up with the birds this morning because Joey had a game at 7:45am. We trudged out of bed and Joe woke the boys up and we got them dressed.

600px-Soccer_ball.svg_000As we get outside into the garage I noticed our neighbor’s trees are wrapped with toilet paper. This is the second time this week and they are filing a police report because the people who did it also egg’d the house.

We drove to Allen, Texas which is about 30 minutes away and got Joey into the indoor soccer place.

Joey played awesome defense the entire game. If Joey and another kid got into a scuffle over who had the ball, Joey’s foot would hit it, and the other kid would dead stop and fall. It seems whenever Joey gets possession of the ball and another kid is involved, the other kid always hits the ground because he’s so strong.

Joey sat out a very short time and then they put him back in. I was confused because he always plays in the back and defends the goal. Today he got the ball and I said to Joe, ‘Holy crap. They have him in as midfield or striker. They have two defense guys on the field right now.’ As I saw that Joey gets possession of the ball and runs up the field with it. No one is even close to him. He hugs the ball close to him, gets up in front of the goalie and drills the ball into the net. GOAL! I’m screaming and going YEAHHHHH!!! I was so proud of Joey! This was the first time they ever put Joey in striker position for soccer and he ROCKED it! WTG Joey on his awesome game!

I came back home, took a nap, and then got up at 1pm for work (Yes on a Saturday - this the only time no one is on the system). We had to test some changes.

The boys are across the street, I’m working and Joe is upstairs sleeping. Something moves across the driveway in front of our window and it is Alex, OUR cat, and he is NOT an outdoor cat. He got out the other day as well because the boys left the door open and it took me 15 minutes to get him back inside.

I open the front door and Alex is looking panicked and I tell him to get in the house and the cat slinks in quickly. I walk outside and look inside the garage, and low and behold the garage door is open and Kali (the other cat) is about to get outside.

I call across the street to Joey that I’m very upset about the fact that they left the door open again. I told him that he NEEDS to shut the door and Alex got out AGAIN.

I went back inside and Joey comes in. I’m still working at this point and on a teleconference on mute. I lit into Joey again, you NEED to shut the garage door. I’m close to yelling. I’m mad and upset. The kids don’t live in a barn. They know how to shut the door.

Then I hear people on the conference call talking about closing the garage door. OMG I never put mute on!! I was so mad about the cat getting outside I never checked the phone. I got on the phone and I said, ‘OMG did you hear that? I am so sorry.” I explained that the kids did this the other day and my NOT outdoor cat got outside and it took me 15 minutes to bring him in and that he got outside again because the kids left the door open AGAIN.

At this point the people on the conference call are laughing and I’m still apologizing, totally mortified that all of this was overheard. They almost all have children and told me it was no problem and laughed it off.

Lesson learned – do not chew your kids out if you are on a teleconference with work – or at least check the mute button! Luckily there were probably only 4 others on the phone and they have kids and understand the whole leaving the door open deal, but I still felt terrible. I’m glad people at work are understanding.

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