Thursday, January 5, 2012

1/5–Busy, Tiring day

It was a busy day at work. Meetings, phone calls and requests. Constant emails. Figuring out problems. A day where you turn off your pc and wonder what the hell sucked your brain out of your head.

After school today the boys were all sitting on Alex’s sidewalk. As soon as I whipped out my camera they started acted super goofy. Alex sported his butt in the air, Joey couldn’t stop laughing, Justin got into it. It was just a big mess.

2012-01-05_15-04-47_292This was the ONLY decent photo I got.


2012-01-05_15-05-32_537They are happy kids and that is all that matters!

2012-01-05_15-06-03_648Justin posed for me. What a sweetie.

I updated my photo blog today with yesterday’s and today’s challenge.

IMG_9408-2Yesterday the challenge was letterbox, which is Australian for mailbox. Here is mine. Our mailbox is actually the leaning tower of mailboxes because this summer the ground go so dry in Texas that the ground under the mailbox SANK and the mailbox inside the brick encasement is leaning to the right.

IMG_9408Here’s another take on the mailbox photo. I like both versions.

IMG_9411Our house, Joe coming home from work and I loved the angle of the stop sign with the house in the back. It adds interest.

IMG_9416-4Today’s challenge is something you wore. My old shoes, the awesome socks my mom knit me and my worn pants from freecycle. COMFORT!

IMG_9419One of the kids favorite gifts for Christmas this year is the Rip Rider 360 by Razor Scooters. You ride it like a big wheel, turn the wheel and it spins a 360. The neighborhood kids were FIGHTING over who got to ride Joey’s since he wasn’t outside. Every child under 10 needs one of these. You get exercise and you have FUN!

Tonight I was talking to my neighbor, Abby,  and noticed a cat ran in front of me. Somehow our oldest cat, Alex, got out of the house. It took me, Joe, Abby and Joey to finally catch him. He ended up calming down and coming up to me. This is like the 4th time he’s gotten out. Thank GOODNESS I was talking to Abby outside otherwise I never would have known he was outside until tonight when I went to go feed the cats. I am not sure which child left the door open but they almost gave me a heart attack when I couldn’t catch Alex. Alex ticks me off, especially last night at 5am he’s hacking up a huge hairball and wakes me up from a dead sleep. We’ve had him 14 years and he’s family so of course we put up with his hairball messes and crazy antics.

Recently we replaced the honeycomb blind on the back door with a wooden blind. We brought it home, installed it, and realized it was a foot too short.

This little opening at the bottom of the door has delighted many cats in the neighborhood as they love to sit outside the window and torment my cats.

Today I had enough of it and taped copy paper over the bottom of the window so they couldn’t see in anymore.

Joe realized that we need to solve this issue, and that my paper solution looked pretty ghetto, so we went to two Lowe’s stores until we found the size blind that was long enough for our door. We installed it tonight and it looks so much better. The cats already seem a lot calmer.

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