Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1/4–Back on routine

I think we are all finally back on a routine. Do you hear me exhaling a deep breath all the way from here?

I’m really fortunate. I have Joey on a pretty tight schedule in the morning. I’ve noticed Joey does really well with lists. So this is Joey’s morning routine.


1. Eat Breakfast by 7:25

2. Get Dressed

3. Shoes and socks are on

4. Miralax

5. Vitamins and Fiber Gummy

6. Fill water bottle and put in bag

7. Dishwasher

8. Go to the bathroom

9. Recycles

10. Put away breakfast and juice

11. Put away dirty laundry


No, I am not kidding. He does everything on this list every single morning by the time it is time to leave.  For the dishwasher he is responsible for putting away all the kids cups and plates. For the recycles he has to take the dishpan I use for recycles out to the garage and dump it into the recycle bin.

Some of these are his chores and he is paid for them. Don’t think he has it rough for a second. He gets $7/week for doing all his chores. These aren’t even his list of chores! His chore list is as follows:

  • Unload dishwasher daily (kids cups and plates)
  • Recycles (take recycles out to bin in garage)
  • Take trash for all rooms and empty in main trash
  • Wash table
  • Clear or set table
  • vacuum
  • sometimes mop though Justin does this too
  • Clean up toys and put them away
  • Fold socks (this earns extra money)

If they ask for extra work, I have plenty for them to do and they earn extra. I have them washing baseboards, Outside yard work and other things.


The best thing about an allowance – it has banished the gimmes. When the kids ask for a toy, I ask them if they have any money (allowance). If they say no, I tell them then they have to wait until payday (they are paid every two weeks when we are). Problem solved. There is never any arguing. It has also taught the kids how to save money in order to buy something more than what they earn.


I took the photo above for my neighbor. She just gave us a bunch of clothes for Joey and the shirt was one of them.

Is there a special pill you can give little boys so they stop growing up? My little man is going to be 8 on Sunday. He’s been in size 10 clothes for months now. I have a few size 8 clothes I still have sitting in his closet (again denial). Recently he’s been wearing these shirts and bending over and his entire back is peeking out. I guess it is really time to put those clothes in storage for when Justin’s ready to wear them. Doesn’t he look so much older here?!


Joey had soccer practice today from 5:45 – 7. It was pretty chilly (it said around 54 but I swear it was colder) and I came lugging a chair and blanket. As we walk up to the field the alarm for the water tower was going off and the lights on the field had gone off. The boys were practicing soccer at dusk.

Then the fire department came. Luckily they were able to turn off the squawking alarm and the lights came on slightly before that so we could practice.

THEN the police came and starting writing tickets to those parked in the fire lane. He gave people the chance to move their vehicles and then yelled, ‘You better move your vehicles or you will get a $300 ticket'.’ Can you believe a ticket is $300 for parking in the fire lane. Two cars got tickets. I bet it ruined their day. I never park in the fire lane so I don’t need to worry about that!

Tonight it was spaghetti for dinner. Joey has announced that it is his favorite dinner ever. Justin agreed with him. I guess we should make spaghetti a little more often.

I’m not able to update the photo of the day because I wasn’t able to do it before the sun went down. I’ll work on it tomorrow.

Today’s challenge for the organization challenge was to clean a high up shelf. I pulled all the clothes down from my closet shelf and donated some, organized the rest and then pulled a few that are too small to put in the attic.

Yesterday’s challenge was to dust and clean on top of the cabinets. I dusted and cleaned on top of all the kitchen cabinets and the fridge. It was nasty and all caked with dust. I decided to throw away all the empty wine bottle I had displayed on top of the shelves. It looks so much less cluttered. I’m glad I did that.

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