Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1/3–Back to the grind

Today was the day that every one went back. Joe went back to work. Joey went back to 2nd grade. Justin went back to preschool. I went back to work. Sigh….normal schedule again.

I am a firm believer in schedules. Everyone needs to have one. Kids behave better with schedules because they know what to expect. Holidays are nice but they are too unstructured. Both boys had a great day at school today and Justin was the star student so he got to bring his show and tell to school. He chose a snowball puffle and a penguin from his favorite website called club penguin.

Today I had an orthodontist appointment during lunch and got new bands – green and blue (see below). My teeth are a little achy tonight..


Afterwards I went and got my bushy eyebrows waxed. Ok, they probably weren’t that bad, and the lady who arched them didn’t run from the room screaming, but they were bad to me. I complain about them now and then and Joe says he doesn’t notice. I show him the stray hairs here and there and he searched my eyebrow line, declares that I am crazy and leaves the room shaking his head. He probably thinks the whole eyebrow arching business is a conspiracy to spend money. I can tell you this – even after the woman is done RIPPING hairs off my eyebrow line, trimming and then PLUCKING (another word for yanking with pain) the hairs by shaping my brows, I walk out of that room feeling like a new woman who took care of herself. Isn’t it weird how something so uncomfortable can make you feel so good? Yeah, I don’t get it either.

Tonight the boys each had a friend over for a playdate. Joey had his friend Alex over and Justin had Mason over. Four boys in the house at once. Yes, I am crazy. Honestly, besides the fact they were super loud, they played really well together.

I started a new website. It’s a 365 days photo challenge but it’s almost like an ‘all about me’ photo challenge. I’m having a really fun time doing it. Click here if you want to follow along: http://dbb-photochallenge.blogspot.com/

Tonight I saw an email on freecycle for clothes from a woman who gave me a lot of really nice clothes, some with tags on them, earlier this year. She told me I could have them and I went and picked up two garbage bags chuck full of pajamas and workout clothing. I’m so thankful. I was seriously low on both. I never have had an issue taking something used from someone. Growing up my parents didn’t have a lot of extra money to spend on clothes for me so I often got by on hand me downs. I’m not ashamed at all!

Tonight I took these photos of my boys to go with the photo challenge theme of ‘something I adore’. I adore my boys.


Justin all wrapped up in my electric blanket and Joey playing games on the computer. These are my boys in every day life around here. I want to capture these moments because they pass in the blink of an eye.

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