Monday, January 2, 2012

1/2–A much needed day off

There is something to be said about having a three day weekend. I’m super fortunate because this is the second three day weekend I’ve had. This year Christmas and New Years fell on a Sunday, which means we got off Monday as a holiday. While Joe took off the 27th and the 28th as well, I worked.


I haven’t taken a day off in as long as I can remember. I think the last day I had off was after my sinus surgery in September. I switched jobs right at the same exact time I had my surgery. Once I came back to work we were thrown into heavy deadlines for completing a project, on top of me learning everything from scratch and pretty much told not to take any vacation.

What I would give to take a day off and just sleep, or surf the internet, or anything just to have some alone me time. Maybe I can convince my boss for a day off in the near future. We’ll see.

The next few photos are of Joey. School starts back up tomorrow and both boys have been out since Dec 17th. I decided bedtime was at 8pm tonight and they needed to have showers and some reading time.

There are a few ways you know your kids are growing up…

One of them is when they ask to take showers by themselves. Up until now Joe, Joey and Justin would all take a shower so Joe could wash their hair, and make sure they were getting clean.

Joey now insists on taking his own shower, and so does Justin. They wash their own hair and use the soap to clean themselves. I make sure to tell them to ‘clean their butt crack’ which sends them into laughing hysterics. Anything about farting, butts or the like makes them laugh uncontrollably. I hope this stage passes soon. It gets old most days.

The other thing that made me think that Joey is growing up so fast is he is really getting good at reading. He was right on the border during mid-year reports and so his teacher suggested he do tutoring before school called iStation. The only bad thing about this is the tutoring starts at 7:15. That means we are up at 6:30am. That is much too early for me. It makes for a long day for Joey and I.

I recently was reading with him and noticed he was reading a lot of the harder words accurately. After talking to his teacher recently, she said his reading level is where it should be at the end of 2nd grade. So he went from being right on the border of needing help to where he needs to be at the end of the year. I’m so happy the reading has clicked and the morning tutoring and him reading with me each evening has helped his reading level.

Saturday we went to the library to get new books. This is the first time I had to tell Joey that some of the books were too easy. He had to find ones with more words and a little more challenge. It made me a little sad.

So tonight I asked him to pick up one of the library books we picked from the library on Saturday. He got one called Pirate Joe. I told him to sit on my bed and he could snuggle under my new electric blanket. He loved that idea. He snuggled on down under the blanket and started to read.

He sat there laughing because the Pirate called his pets the same names as Santa’s reindeer. He got the correlation and laughed hysterically. This was the first time he read a book, was able to get a joke like that and laughed. Just the little things like that show me how much older he is getting. My little boy will be 8 on Sunday. I can’t believe he will be eight already.

2012-01-02_20-05-05_480Joey snuggled down under my electric blanket reading

2012-01-02_20-05-12_163Laughing at a funny part of the book

2012-01-02_20-05-16_771Joey showing dad the funny part.

2012-01-02_20-05-30_563Joey sat and read the entire book tonight and it had a lot of words and pages. He’s growing up so fast.

Even though Joey is growing so fast, he still loves to cuddle with me, and he still loves his butterfly kisses with me at night. I want to hold onto that as long as I can.

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