Sunday, January 29, 2012

1/29–Day 2 lens practice and my favorite photo shoot yet

IMG_0032Anyone ever see Joe pitch? This is exactly how Joe used to pitch. It’s freaky watching the same thing come from Joey.

IMG_0075I had to make use of the lens I rented! I took these photos of Joey.

IMG_0095Classic, Silly Joey

IMG_0133The boys had the best time just hanging in the trees.

My WONDERFUL son Joey agreed to let me take him downtown to do a photo shoot with my lens before I had to take it back.

He was so cooperative, and he was even a bit goofy. He would often stick his tongue out at me and start to giggle. He is such a nut.









IMG_0145Joey insisted on sitting on the frog!!

IMG_0151Then started to stick out his tongue and made himself laugh. I love this photo of him!

IMG_0161This is his, “I’m so cool”, look.





SThis was my favorite photo, and probably one of my all time favorite photos.


IMG_9931Earlier that day Joey had to count all the money in coins he had gotten out to donate to school for the Leukemia Society. He had $9.87 so I gave him .13 to make ten dollars even. He was so very excited to help the kids who were sick that he gave them every silver coin he could find. I’m so glad he’s caring like that!

Let me go off on a tangent here. Notice Joey is without a shirt in the photo above? Him and Justin have been going shirtless in the house. I think they are crazy because I’m almost always freezing.

A older neighbor girl came to the door to look for Justin to play. I made Joey answer the door and he peeked ONLY his head around the door and would not let her see him without a shirt. My little 8 year old boy is becoming self conscious around girls!

2012-01-29_09-39-09_880My kitchen needs to be cleaned…

2012-01-29_15-12-01_266Joe trying to nap at the park!

2012-01-29_18-05-00_613Joey and I went out for ice cream after I took photos of him!

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