Saturday, January 28, 2012

1/28–I’m in love…

With this camera lens. Oh my GAWD! This lens is normally $2500!! I rented it for two days, and wanted to test out the lens with two basketball game photo shoots I had.

The lens is a canon 70-200 2.8 IIS lens version 1. It is a beautiful lens. It is very heavy and I had a monopod to stabilize it but I felt it restricted me too much so I didn’t use it long.

The lens did a beautiful job capturing these fast shots indoors where lighting is usually poor. See my favorites below.

I would do just about anything for this lens. It is AMAZING.

2012-01-28_12-26-55_585The lens… (drool)….

2012-01-28_16-19-08_955My new Airwalk shoes. I think I’m an Airwalk shoe addict now. They have really wild plaid ones that I want to get. These are black and white with black lace. I love them and they are laceless so they slip on and are so comfortable!!


Here are some of my favorite shots I took at the game!!




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