Sunday, January 1, 2012

12/27–An apology

At one in the morning on Christmas morning our neighbor’s dog started to bark. And he barked…and barked. I tried to go next door and bang on the door to get him to hear me and come inside and bark at me, but he’s going deaf and never heard me.

He barked for an hour. I left a note on the neighbor’s door that said:

“Zeus won’t stop barking and it’s 1am!!!”

I was tired and the constant barking was about to make me snap.

I played on pinterest until about 2am when he stopped. As I was about to go to sleep he came back outside and started barking again! This time it was only about 5 minutes and then he went back inside.

I saw the neighbor a few days later and they apologized profusely. I guess their other dog knocked into the locked doggie door a few times and knocked the door free.

Our neighbor brought me a cookie basket as an apology. That was so nice of them, but I told them they didn’t have to do that. I said if they needed to leave town and wanted me to let their dogs out, I could do it for them. I do it for a few other neighbors anyway since I’m always home.

Did you see the cookie bouquet below? It’s all dog cookies and a heart cookie says ‘Sorry for the barking’.


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