Sunday, January 1, 2012

12/25–Christmas part 1

We woke up about 7:30am with the kids squealing and couldn’t wait to open their gifts. I called my mom and asked her if she could download skype. The kids were not very patient so we let them open one present. My mom finally got the signup and we connected and she was able to watch the entire present unwrapping happen at our house in Texas, from her house in Michigan.

This was the first Christmas I have not spent in Michigan, let alone with my parents. A few days before I took it pretty hard because it came up so quickly and I needed to just cry it out. I sent my mom a text telling her I missed her and this Christmas wouldn’t be the same and she sent me one right back saying she missed me too and she knows. It was so nice to have her write me back after I was missing them.

Joe, on the other hand, was so super excited to be home this year. I’ve never seen him so happy. Let me say he did miss our families. He did not miss the stress of driving to Michigan and driving to six different Christmas parties. Having to tell the kids not to open their gifts and then jam it into our vehicle and drive home for two days.

This was also the first year we bought each other gifts and I had gifts for him under the tree that he had no idea about. This made him super excited to open gifts this year. About a month before Christmas he would say, ‘I can’t wait until Christmas Day’, and he’d say it more frequently closer to Christmas Day.

The boys said this was their best Christmas ever. I’m glad they liked their gifts that everyone got them. All the grandparents sent money so we took their money and bought gifts for the boys – mostly all legos this year.

IMG_9282The boys first gift – Joey Pokemon White DS and Justin a angry bird!

IMG_9283Justin and Joey unwrapping their Lego City sets

IMG_9286Haha! I got Joe a really cool Lions banner to hang in his game room and he had no idea I bought it for him. He loved it!

IMG_9287Justin got the Ninjago Fire Temple

IMG_9289Justin got the Ninjago Fire Temple

IMG_9290Joey got the Lego City Police Station and was very happy about it.

IMG_9291Most likely daddy got some socks. He needed new white socks, and dress socks, or these were new boxer shorts. The joke is to buy the craziest boxer shorts. I found some really good, crazy ones this year. One that has a bullseye on the front, with a target and says ‘You’ll shoot your eye out’ (Christmas Story), Family Guy Boxers, Batman Boxers and a few others I can’t remember.

IMG_9292Justin got an 8 foot Hot Wheels racing track!


IMG_9295He obviously loves this. You can race 6 cars at once and it tells you which lane won.




IMG_9299Joey putting his Lego City Police Boat together.

IMG_9301Grandma Char got him a really nice drum set.

IMG_9303I got a Keurig Coffee Maker and these are the coffees above, some pjs, a parrot pillow pet, and an electric blanket. My mom got me a calendar and a pair of socks and Joe’s mom got me a few really nice bracelets.

IMG_9304My Coffee Maker with our crazy family mug  lol

IMG_9305Justin made me this adorable ornament at school!

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