Sunday, January 1, 2012

12/25 - Christmas part 2

IMG_9306What Grandma Norma got Joey – a Lego Mobile Police unit and a Razor RipRider 360

IMG_9307What Grandma Norma got Justin – a Imaginext Airport and a Razor RipRider 360

IMG_9308Grandma Char got Justin the Lego City Boat and Truck

IMG_9309Grandma Char also got Justin a drum set

IMG_9311After Christmas is over…

IMG_9312What Grandma Char got Joey – a Lego City Police Station

IMG_9314Grandma Char also got Joey the Wii Ghostbusters game

IMG_9315The Dziekan side (My parents) got Justin the Ninjago Ice Dragon

IMG_9316The Dziekan side also got Justin the Ninjago Lego Fire Template

IMG_9317This is the completed Boat and truck

IMG_9322The Dziekan’s got Joey the Pokemon White game

IMG_9323The Dziekan’s also got Joey the Lego City Bank

IMG_9324The Dziekan’s also got Joey the Lego City Police Boat

IMG_9325He’s the police boat box

IMG_9327The Ice Dragon is put together


IMG_9329Everyone is putting together Legos… Santa brought Joey the Lego City Airport and Justin the Hot Wheels track.

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