Sunday, January 1, 2012

12/24–Making cookies for Santa

I love Pinterest. I pinned (it’s like bookmarked) a recipe for Thick, Soft Sugar Cookies and I have to say, these cookies were the best sugar cookies I’ve ever eaten. They were so good that Joe asked me if we really hard to wait until next Christmas to make them again! We had to add a little extra flour to what the recipe called for so the dough wasn’t sticky. Otherwise it was perfect. They were soft cookies – NOT hard cookies! Mmmmmmm!

I have a cookie sprinkle obsession. If I find a new sprinkle that I don’t have, I have to buy it. I have snowflakes, buses, leaves, cows, pigs, stars and moons, flowers, your normal colored dots and sugar sprinkles, football themed, and tons more. I’m obsessed.

IMG_9244Joey helps Joe roll the dough and cut the shapes.


IMG_9246The recipe also tells how to make frosting. So I made the frosting, and then used the food colorings that my friend, Dawn, sent me from Watkins (she’s a rep). We made yellow, blue, red/orange, green, then I tried to make purple but it came out almost black, and then we also had white.

IMG_9247Here’s my cookie decorators!! Joe frosted them for the kids and then they had to put the sprinkles on them!

IMG_9248Joey’s creations.

IMG_9249Joe was very serious about frosting the cookies just right.

IMG_9250Justin ready to put sprinkles on his cookie!

IMG_9251I had to teach him how to shake it from side to side to get just a little on the cookie, not half the bottle!



IMG_9254The cookies! See Joe’s snowman creation!


IMG_9260Joe doing his cookie decorating again…another snowman.


IMG_9265Why are the boys laughing? Look below…

IMG_9266Look at the face on that snowman!


IMG_9268mmmmm goodness!

IMG_9269Justin picked his favorite two for Santa!

IMG_9270Santa’s cookies!

IMG_9271Guess who gets to clean this mess? Hint – it wasn’t Joe…

IMG_9272Our creations!!

IMG_9274Santa stopped by!!


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