Sunday, January 1, 2012

12/24–Christmas Stockings

Our new tradition is we let the boys open their stockings on Christmas Eve morning. This is fun and lets them play with a few things early. They could not wait to open their stockings. The only rule was that all their toys had to be picked up.

IMG_9194Joey unwrapping his first gift.

IMG_9195Justin getting into his stocking

IMG_9196Joey and Justin both got Ninjagos (Ninja legos)

IMG_9203Justin got his Ninjago keychain to hang on his backpack!

IMG_9206Joey and Justin both got ‘mystery’ lego men. You had a chance to get 16 different guys. Some of them are cool and some are funny. Justin ended up getting Jane Fonda workout Lego! There was a tarzan with a monkey and banana, a woman caveman and other cool ones.

IMG_9211Lego City Legos!

IMG_9212Both Joey and Justin got a Pocket Droid from ChinaVasion. I am NOT a fan of ChinaVasion. They delete all bad comments on their products and only keep the good ones. This is not even close to a nice droid. It touches really hard, you can hardly download anything off the Android Market. The only things it’s good for is a few games and playing music – and adding music to it is a PAIN. I’m extremely technical so I knew what folder to put it in. Luckily the boys really liked them. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t buy them…but luckily they work out for just what the kids need and they were only $60 so if they trash it, it’s not like it’s a $350 ipod touch!

IMG_9213Justin got a puffle keychain for his backpack!!

IMG_9214Justin also got Mystery Lego guys.

IMG_9215Both kids got Christmas pencils. Seems like we go through a lot of pencils nowadays!

IMG_9218Both boys got flarp – you take it out of the container and when you put it back in, it makes noises like farting. The boys LOVE it. They played with it all day long and it’s only $1 a container.

IMG_9219Both boys got nerf gun refills. Their nerf darts aren’t looking so good anymore so they got new ones.

IMG_9221Justin’s pocket droid.

IMG_9222Joey and Justin both got flying screaming monkey’s from Grandma Char (Joe’s mom). They were funny.

IMG_9223The kids comparing what they got!

IMG_9224Joey and his ‘loot’.

IMG_9229Joe opened his baseball cards he got from his Uncle Ron for their Christmas exchange – I suggested the gift idea. He absolutely loved opening them.

IMG_9230Joey putting together his legos

IMG_9235Justin putting together his legos.

IMG_9239Boys playing.

IMG_9240Kids laughing because the flarp was farting…


IMG_9242Joey stretched the flarp out into a huge rope.

IMG_9243Justin likes his Pocket Droid

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