Sunday, January 1, 2012

12/22–Every day Random Photos

2011-12-22_12-28-06_512I took this photo because McDonalds recently changed their Happy Meal menu. Now we get apple slices and a VERY SMALL serving of fries. Check out how small – It’s next to a package of bbq sauce and it’s not much bigger. Let me also add, last time I went here the fries and burger tasted nasty. I’m not sure if their oil was bad, or they changed something. I was NOT impressed. I wouldn’t even eat the fries.

2011-12-22_13-25-59_586Remember I posted the photos I took of the Howe’s Family? This was their Christmas card! I was so excited. I got another Christmas card from the Greene Family photo shoot I did earlier this year. It was SOO awesome to get TWO Christmas cards with the photos THAT I TOOK on them!!!!

2011-12-22_13-29-05_427Justin was so excited he made this really cool thing out of the blocks. The funny thing is these blocks are ‘awards’ we get from my work place for doing good things. I laugh when I see my kids playing with them!

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