Sunday, January 22, 2012

1/21–Joey’s birthday party

We had Joey’s birthday party at Dr. Pepper Star Center, which included ice skating and the party room. He invited his friends and had 7 RSVP, which was the perfect amount!

Joey, who hasn’t skated before, figured it out in minutes and was skating the entire time and didn’t want to come off the ice. He had an absolute blast.

I, unfortunately, don’t have photos of Joey ice skating because I was trying to make sure everyone was having a good time and it’s hard to bring your camera on the ice when you are worried about slipping yourself!

2012-01-21_13-35-36_150This is Joey’s best friend, Alex. He was terrified to go onto the ice. I helped him on, pretty much yanked him on and promised him I would NOT let go and let him fall. He finally got the hang of it and was skating by a champ by the end of the party.

IMG_9697Alex and Justin were playing on my phone, waiting for the others to finish skating.

IMG_9700The gifts

IMG_9701Party blowers

IMG_9704Our neighbor, Brenden.

IMG_9705Our neighbor, Braxton.

IMG_9706Justin (duh!)

IMG_9707Joey picked out a military cake from Target.

IMG_9708Jayden, a classmate

IMG_9709Clayton, he plays soccer with Joey

IMG_9710Evan K, classmate and played soccer with Joey.

IMG_9711Evan G, goes to school with Joey and plays soccer with him

IMG_9717Joey excited to blow out the candle

IMG_9722Yes, I finally got the tank off the cake!!

IMG_9729All the kids signed this at the end of the party.

IMG_9730Party favors – each kid went home with a lego set!

IMG_9734Opening gifts





IMG_9744Kids watching Joey open gifts

IMG_9745Lego star wars!

IMG_9749Adults were having fun just chatting

IMG_9753Birthday boy!

IMG_9754Kids watching Jayden play his DS

IMG_9758Joey couldn’t wait to start building!

2012-01-21_15-07-52_764Joey’s gifts – pretty much EVERYTHING was legos. The party helper that helped take care of the room said she’s never seen a party where a boy got so many legos!

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