Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Facebook Statuses January 2012

1/7 - We had a soccer game at 7:45 this morning. Joey was on fire and played great defense and was then put into the game as a striker for the first time and he scored a goal in less than 2 minutes. Proud mommy here! WTG Joey!

1/8 - My sweet Joey turns 8 today! Where has the time gone? Happy birthday to my sweet, funny, and happy child. ♥

1/9 - Figuring out WordPress...just because :)

1/15 - Sad subtle reminders lately that my kids are growing up.
1. Joey tells me he doesn't need a 'character' backpack anymore and gets a Jansport.
2. Justin is out of 4/5 clothes and into 6/7 and I have a pile of clothes I'm saddened to have to give away. No more boys to pass them down to :(
3. Joey was visibly embarrassed about something I said when we were in front of an older girl.
4. Joey is 4'5'' tall and in size 10 clothes and he JUST turned 8.
Thank GOD both of them still snuggle with me every night. They are growing too fast.

1/15 - I'm launching Life's Little Moments Photography by Briana. I'd love it if you could be a fan of my facebook page (see below)!
My new website is http://www.llmbybriana.com/. Let me know what you think!
Thank you!! ♥

1/19 - It is going to be an awesome day. I get in the car and NIN Terrible Lie is playing. Oh how I missed NIN. On top of that it will be near 70 today. NIN and warmth. Mmmm

1/22 -

409206_10150702127003082_773043081_12271505_1732710906_nJoey in class

1/24 - Does anyone have a recommendation for a good hand lotion for extremely dry hands? The constant hand washing has dried my hands out so much they are starting to crack and bleed :(

1/26 - Warning to all: If I give you a blank look today, or if you ask me something and I have no clue what you are talking about, just pat me on the back and tell me it's ok. I honestly think my brain took a vacation. It's one of those days...

1/27 - I ♥ productive Fridays!!! I've gotten so much done today!

1/28 - I'm renting a sweet Canon lens for my two game basketball shoot today! I can't wait.

1/29 - My sweet son Joey and I had some awesome time together today. He agreed to go downtown with me and let me do a photo shoot and now we have an ice cream date at Dairy Queen.

1/31 - Not many people can say this but.... I ♥ my job!! :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

1/29–Day 2 lens practice and my favorite photo shoot yet

IMG_0032Anyone ever see Joe pitch? This is exactly how Joe used to pitch. It’s freaky watching the same thing come from Joey.

IMG_0075I had to make use of the lens I rented! I took these photos of Joey.

IMG_0095Classic, Silly Joey

IMG_0133The boys had the best time just hanging in the trees.

My WONDERFUL son Joey agreed to let me take him downtown to do a photo shoot with my lens before I had to take it back.

He was so cooperative, and he was even a bit goofy. He would often stick his tongue out at me and start to giggle. He is such a nut.









IMG_0145Joey insisted on sitting on the frog!!

IMG_0151Then started to stick out his tongue and made himself laugh. I love this photo of him!

IMG_0161This is his, “I’m so cool”, look.





SThis was my favorite photo, and probably one of my all time favorite photos.


IMG_9931Earlier that day Joey had to count all the money in coins he had gotten out to donate to school for the Leukemia Society. He had $9.87 so I gave him .13 to make ten dollars even. He was so very excited to help the kids who were sick that he gave them every silver coin he could find. I’m so glad he’s caring like that!

Let me go off on a tangent here. Notice Joey is without a shirt in the photo above? Him and Justin have been going shirtless in the house. I think they are crazy because I’m almost always freezing.

A older neighbor girl came to the door to look for Justin to play. I made Joey answer the door and he peeked ONLY his head around the door and would not let her see him without a shirt. My little 8 year old boy is becoming self conscious around girls!

2012-01-29_09-39-09_880My kitchen needs to be cleaned…

2012-01-29_15-12-01_266Joe trying to nap at the park!

2012-01-29_18-05-00_613Joey and I went out for ice cream after I took photos of him!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

1/28–I’m in love…

With this camera lens. Oh my GAWD! This lens is normally $2500!! I rented it for two days, and wanted to test out the lens with two basketball game photo shoots I had.

The lens is a canon 70-200 2.8 IIS lens version 1. It is a beautiful lens. It is very heavy and I had a monopod to stabilize it but I felt it restricted me too much so I didn’t use it long.

The lens did a beautiful job capturing these fast shots indoors where lighting is usually poor. See my favorites below.

I would do just about anything for this lens. It is AMAZING.

2012-01-28_12-26-55_585The lens… (drool)….

2012-01-28_16-19-08_955My new Airwalk shoes. I think I’m an Airwalk shoe addict now. They have really wild plaid ones that I want to get. These are black and white with black lace. I love them and they are laceless so they slip on and are so comfortable!!


Here are some of my favorite shots I took at the game!!




Friday, January 27, 2012


2012-01-27_11-01-09_558Alex, this reminds me of the big headed cat pictures with a small body!

2012-01-27_19-35-06_236Needed a drink that evening. This was my drink, Joe had beer. We sat and watched the first season of the Office. I really wasn’t a fan of the show.

2012-01-27_20-26-06_378Before the drinking started, had to get the boys to bed. Joey and Justin read with mom. Above Joey is being a goofball. Below Justin is reading with us, too.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012


On 1/24 and 1/25 it rained non-stop for over a day. I loved all the rain but since we haven’t had rain in so long, the ground just could not handle it.

When I drove Justin to school the next day, I couldn’t believe the flooding I passed. This field is usually bare and dry. It was a lake as far as you could see. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been here for four years and never seen it flood like this.


Sunday, January 22, 2012




Don’t get the wrong idea – I made this!! This was one of Joey’s new lego sets. He tried to put it together and screwed up somewhere, so I told him I would do it. It was actually fun. Isn’t this cabin cute?

Today Joe was going grocery shopping. I asked the kids if they wanted to go with dad and they told me no. I told the kids while dad was going shopping we were cleaning the house. A little later, just as Joe was going to leave, Justin yells, ‘Dad, I’m going with you!’

I asked Justin why he all of a sudden wants to go with dad.

He says, ‘If I go with dad, I don’t have to clean the house!’

Seriously, he’s SHARP for a 5 year old kid!!! Joe and I were laughing hysterically. Poor Joey and I cleaned while they were gone. Most of the stuff was Joey’s new lego sets anyhow!

Today we had soccer practice for Joey at Celebration Park in Allen. It was a gorgeous day. It was nearly 70 degrees for January 22nd, which is unheard of! Joe and I were in short and short sleeves. We walked around the park to get some exercise. It was about a 2 mile walk. Then Joe and I played football. It was awesome to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. I had the entire house opened up today to get fresh air inside. I love warm weather in the winter. I can definitely get use to it!

Other than that, we came home, ate lunch and I took a nap. When I woke, I cleaned again. Today was a big cleaning day. We finally took down all the Christmas stuff and put it away (mostly). There are still some bins upstairs that need to go in the closet. I’m glad that is done.

1/21–Joey’s birthday party

We had Joey’s birthday party at Dr. Pepper Star Center, which included ice skating and the party room. He invited his friends and had 7 RSVP, which was the perfect amount!

Joey, who hasn’t skated before, figured it out in minutes and was skating the entire time and didn’t want to come off the ice. He had an absolute blast.

I, unfortunately, don’t have photos of Joey ice skating because I was trying to make sure everyone was having a good time and it’s hard to bring your camera on the ice when you are worried about slipping yourself!

2012-01-21_13-35-36_150This is Joey’s best friend, Alex. He was terrified to go onto the ice. I helped him on, pretty much yanked him on and promised him I would NOT let go and let him fall. He finally got the hang of it and was skating by a champ by the end of the party.

IMG_9697Alex and Justin were playing on my phone, waiting for the others to finish skating.

IMG_9700The gifts

IMG_9701Party blowers

IMG_9704Our neighbor, Brenden.

IMG_9705Our neighbor, Braxton.

IMG_9706Justin (duh!)

IMG_9707Joey picked out a military cake from Target.

IMG_9708Jayden, a classmate

IMG_9709Clayton, he plays soccer with Joey

IMG_9710Evan K, classmate and played soccer with Joey.

IMG_9711Evan G, goes to school with Joey and plays soccer with him

IMG_9717Joey excited to blow out the candle

IMG_9722Yes, I finally got the tank off the cake!!

IMG_9729All the kids signed this at the end of the party.

IMG_9730Party favors – each kid went home with a lego set!

IMG_9734Opening gifts





IMG_9744Kids watching Joey open gifts

IMG_9745Lego star wars!

IMG_9749Adults were having fun just chatting

IMG_9753Birthday boy!

IMG_9754Kids watching Jayden play his DS

IMG_9758Joey couldn’t wait to start building!

2012-01-21_15-07-52_764Joey’s gifts – pretty much EVERYTHING was legos. The party helper that helped take care of the room said she’s never seen a party where a boy got so many legos!