Friday, December 30, 2011

A year of Freecycle 2011

First of all – I LOVE freecycle!!!! I can get rid of things I don’t need and pick up things I do. And best of all – It’s FREE!!
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So How to Freecycle or How to Join Freecycle:
  1. Join a group – go to and find one nearest to you. You may have to provide your zip code or a profile in order to join but it’s free.
  2. When you want an item, reply to the email. The message you send: let them know you would like the item, WHEN you can pick it up, and say thank you. Normally I see emails, and if they say just, ‘I want’ or ‘Let me know if this is available’ I will skim right past them. If I see a nice email that says, “I could really use this and can be by first thing tomorrow morning. Thank you” I am more willing to give this person the item than the other person with the short email. Sometimes it’s just first come, first serve. You will want to monitor the emails like a hawk. I get mine on my phone and it dings when I have a new email so I’m able to respond quickly to new posts for items.
  3. To post an item to give away, you will have instructions when you join the freecycle on how to send an email to the group. Normally you will send an email to a specific email address. The subject will say: OFFER: (specify item) (zip code). In the subject, describe the item. Send the email. If it doesn’t post right away it’s most likely because the group is moderated and the group owner.
  4. Next – to pickup or have someone come and get an item:
    1. If someone writes you back and says you can have an item you inquired about, they may ask you what time you are coming by. Most are porch pickups and they will put the item on the porch and you go and pick it up. The person will give you their address to pick up the item.
    2. To have someone pick up the item, tell them it’s porch pickup. If you have more than one item you posted, put post-its on the item with their names on the specific items that you promised the things to. Provide your address.
  5. Wanted - If you NEED an item, you can send an email to the group. Put WANTED (item) in the subject. In the body: Put what you need. Keep in mind to keep is reasonable. You aren't going to ask for a new car or a new xbox and expect to get one. Also, usually if you post a wanted item, and someone responds, normally the protocol is you go get the item. 
  6. No shows – It happens often. Someone says they are pickup up an item and they never come. Normally if they say they are coming today, and it’s there tomorrow, I just offer it to the next person in line.
  7. When the item is taken – Post an email to the same group you sent the email to in order to give away an item, and have the subject be: TAKEN (specify item) (zip code) or you will continue to get emails.
  8. When posting an item to give away - I don’t reply to all the emails I get. I pick one person, tell them the item is theirs and then post a taken email so people stop emailing me.
  9. NOTE - when you join a freecycle group you get ALL posts - for offers, and wanted. Sometimes you can get over 100 emails daily. I receive them on my phone and I have my own gmail account setup specifically for freecycle. I can go into the mailbox and, if I'm behind, I just delete all. 
Common terms:
  • PPU – Porch Pickup – This can also mean pending pickup
  • NIB – New in box
And that’s it – that is how you post an item to give away or reply to one to receive.
This year in 2011 – this is what I got rid of and receive from other freecyclers in my area!
Gave away:
  1. Misc bag of kitchen stuff, including a small food processor
  2. Kids art supplies, including coloring books and stickers
  3. Used cat food/Dog food feeder (the ones that you fill up and it keeps filling the bowl until empty)
  4. Thomas the train take-along round house and three engines
  5. A calendar
  6. Large bag of Misc play cars and play animals like farm animals, zoo animals
  7. Baby Einstein DVD
  8. Misc McDonalds toys
  9. 2 cordless drills that don’t seem to charge well.
  10. Alarm clock radio – the face was cracked but no chips
  11. 5 harness car seat
  12. Coupons (that were extras and I already got what I needed out of them)
  13. A leaking little green machine that still worked, just leaked
  14. Zhu Zhu pets fun house
  15. 4 prints for a boys room – prints of vehicles like boats, dump truck, etc
  16. 2 Wireless infared headphones, in well used shape.
  17. puzzles for a 3-5 yr old child
  18. bakugan battle arena
  19. Shark stick vac
  20. Bag of boys socks
  21. some cooking sherry and nutrisystem food
  22. Old working desktop (it was old)
  23. Bathroom scale
  24. Used leapster and case
  25. another calendar
  26. a teen book
  27. some misc toiletries
  28. ww program materials
  29. children thermometer
  30. Car charger
  31. Coffee Creamers
  32. Calendar Stickers
  33. Cookie Cutters

Received: – I am pretty sure there were more but I deleted the emails so I have no record of it!
  1. Bag of Woman’s clothes at least 3x
  2. Bag of size 8 boys clothes – shorts, pants and shirts
  3. 4 bags of kids clothing
  4. A ton of woman’s clothes from this one woman who let me pick up from her at least 3 different times.
  5. A really nice comforter

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