Saturday, December 17, 2011

September Facebook Posts

9/1 - Today I managed to tell my son I'd bring lunch to him at school so I could add money to his lunch account and forgot. The teacher called asking what was going on with Joey's lunch since he said I was supposed to bring it. I came in with him crying and his friends trying to console him. I felt like the world's worst mom :(

9/3 - Sitting outside Starbucks chilling with Michelle enjoying the 88 degrees and breeze and the beautiful evening.

9/7 - Is wondering how the smoke from the wild fires that is blowing into McKinney will affect me on recovery day 2 from yesterday's sinus surgery...

9/8 - Mommy Lesson #156 - Do not ignore your son when he tells you he has to pee or he may whip down his pants to his knees when you are not looking and pee on a tree in front of the school carpool line... ♥

9/10 - I ♥ my nook color!

9/14 - Happy 9 years to my sweet husband, Joe Fisher ♥

9/15 – Tagged in Vicki’s post - Vampires & Witches tonight! I get The Vampire Diaries back and can check out The Secret glad that Briana  watches with me, since sometimes I'm too spooked to watch alone :))

It is only 64 degrees outside. I can finally open windows and air out my house! It's only supposed to be a high of 80, not 105!!! Now if only we could get a little rain! :)

299024_2453538985704_1468936149_2848373_1917487734_nFrom Vicki’s post on 9/15 - About to shoot my Briana :(  (Vicki gives me my allergy shots every week. I get three!)

9/18 - Turned on the back porch light to see if it was raining and a bobcat goes strolling through our yard. What the hell?!

330345_2314593657241_1021417036_2712275_363349003_o9/19 - This guest was on my back door this morning. He was as big as a full grown tarantula

9/20 Vicki tagged me in a post: So thankful that I have such sweet & helpful friends! Thank you Briana for getting H to school and from school today. And thank you Marann  for going to the store for me...and bringing E a sweet surprise! I don't know what I do without my friends ♥

9/21 - Joey got 'very talkative' on his progress report. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree on that one!.

9/30 - Gotta brag a bit, Joey hit his first two homers of the fall season tonight and the were LEGIT homers, to the fence. one proud mama here. ♥

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