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RIP Sasha 9/98–11/26/11

533_3353This was Sasha in 2007. I hardly got a good photo of her. Every time I got out the camera she ran towards me for attention!

My poor kitty Nov 13th never came down to eat the ‘wet’ food I always give the cats after I put the kids to bed. By wet food I mean the cans of soft food like fancy feast, etc.

Sasha has always been all about food. She’s about 12 lbs and we would call her Sasha Kielbasa, in a loving way.

Over the past year she’s had a harder time jumping up on our bed or up on the couch. Joe and I have felt bad as we see our kitty getting old.

I found her staring at me from the top of the stairs. I walked up and she didn’t move. I picked him up and the first thing I noticed was she lost a LOT of weight. I have no idea how we didn’t notice it earlier. She felt like a rack of bones. I normally pick her up and there is twelve solid pounds in my arms. When I picked her up this time she felt as light as a feather.

I walked with her in my arms downstairs and told Joe he had to hold her. He picked her up and he instantly could tell how much weight she lost.

I had a vet appointment setup immediately for the next day. The vet was a fill in vet to help with all of the calls for a Monday. She took her blood and did an exam and said that she believes she had a lot of tartar in her back teeth and it could be causing her not to eat but gave us clavamox (antibiotic). She told me to try tuna, or baby food and see if she’ll eat.

I bought tuna, and baby food and she wouldn’t eat it. I got a 2 tsp syringe and mixed the baby food with some water and started to syringe feed her so her liver didn’t shut down.

Wednesday she still wasn’t eating so I brought her in again to see my normal vet. He did an x-ray at this point and saw her lungs looked a little inflamed but said it’s normal for cats with allergies. The rest of the xray looked fine. He didn’t see anything in the body exam and said to keep up with the antibiotic. They gave me catsure to give her which is a special formula like milk that has everything a cat needs. I started to syringe feed her that.

I can’t exactly remember the time window but I brought her in again for an upper gi. I think it was a week later. I was still syringe feeding her. She was eating very little, if anything on her own. I was getting into a panic mode since it had been almost 2 weeks since she’d really eaten.

All I remember is I called the vet about every day or every other to ask about stuff. I called on 11/26 because she was having a very hard time breathing. I noticed it the night before when she barely moved all day. I finally put her in her litter box and she finally peed, and then walked from my master bathroom to the other side of my bedroom and looked like she was going to die. She was panting so hard her whole body was moving.

I took her in that morning and they agreed she was breathing very hard when showing exertion but they asked me to keep her comfortable. They said they can keep running tests here but they probably wouldn’t be able to determine what was the root cause. They wanted us to see a specialist on Monday.

580_8063This is my Sasha girl after she got her catnip bag for Christmas. The cats LOVED these!! It is their favorite group.

I brought her home and made her comfortable and she barely moved. I hadn’t fed her from the night before so I had to get a little more catsure in her. By miracle she actually did eat a little solid food the night before, but nothing since.

I gave her some catsure and she seemed to have a really hard time breathing. I felt bad putting her in distress but she was so dehydrated. I left her to relax.

I came back and hour later to give her one more syringe of catsure. She also seemed to have issues taking it and seemed like she had a really hard time breathing – like her lungs were full of fluid. I felt bad again but wanted to make sure she was getting some fluids.

I petted her a bit that day when I had her at the vet because I thought they were going to put her down. I told her what a great cat she was and how much I loved her. I gave her a lot of attention by petting her and scratching her face.

I said goodbye to her when we left for Joey’s soccer game.

When we got home I went into my room and didn’t see her in the cat bed she was in when I left.

I then checked the little cat house and it was empty.

Checked the cat litter box. Empty

Checked the cat carrier. Empty.

I got down on my knees and peeked under the bed. Ah – there was Sasha.

About simultaneously I called her name and checked for her breathing. There was no response and no rise of her chest.

At this point I grabbed her paw and it was stiff.

She passed away while we were at soccer, under my bed, stretched out with mouth and eyes open.

I went to find Joe and noticed he was in the guest bathroom. I yelled, ‘JOE’ and my voice was quivering. ‘She passed away’…and he came out of the bathroom and hugged me and consoled me.

After I calmed down I asked him to just double check she had passed away.

He went in and confirmed she had, in fact, passed away.

I called my vet on call and told him she passed away and asked what I needed to do with her body. I wasn’t going to throw it in the trash and you can’t bury it in your yard in the city.

He gave me the number of Platinum Pets in McKinney. They came that evening and took her body. He had instructed us to put her in a plastic bag so we put her in a garbage bag in a box. He said animals tend to have bowel movements after they pass and we probably didn’t want her to have one on our carpet.

This past Monday they brought Sasha back to me in a cedar box with a lock and key with her name engraved on top of the box.

2011-11-24_22-48-52_201This was my sick baby!

I miss my Sasha girl. She was my beautiful tortoiseshell kitty. She loved to sit with me and lick me. She’d lick my arms, legs, whatever and it drove Joe crazy. I loved to rub her tummy and play with her. I will miss her so so much. I remember thinking a few times recently how much I’ll miss her if she ever dies, and I’d miss her licking me (I read cats do this to show affection). I miss her meows for food. I miss her running down the stairs in front of me, nearly tripping me, as she ran downstairs to get her food. I just miss my baby girl!! She was with us for 13 wonderful years.

2011-11-26_10-29-50_831This was her the day she died in the vet office, having a hard time breathing. My heart just breaks. I wish I could take the pain away.

2011-09-06_22-05-09_394This is normal. My baby would hang with me in the evening. I loved her company.

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