Saturday, December 31, 2011

Facebook of October…

Facebook of October:

10/1 - Just made myself a veggie/fruit smoothie (spinach, banana, blueberries, pineapple, flax) and asked Joey if he wanted one because he loves smoothies. He not only drank the entire glass but asked for seconds. I'm not telling him there is an entire blender of spinach in it :) It is sounds gross but it super good :)

10/4 - I will never understand why some people pimp their car's wheels and rims out to the point where it costs more in total than their entire car.

301375_1940720612261_1669801781_1306689_978664030_n10/5 – Isn’t that the truth?

306430_2386575496742_1021417036_2771436_962218958_n10/11 – Brothers

312829_10150476414083082_773043081_11302171_1366017777_n10/12 – Joey got a roar award – the only boy!

339073_2393759796345_1021417036_2776473_479267060_o10/13 - This little guy was in my house...cats found him.

10/14 – Kids new favorite songs – Maroon 5 – Moves like Jagger and LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem

10/15 - I just told the boys I'm getting my hair done today and I plan to go red. Justin points at me and says, "Mom, you are going to be a HOT lady!" Thanks Justin!

332954_2405541690885_1021417036_2786967_1508682965_o10/17 - Check out the note at the top of the paper of Joey's pre-spelling test.

10/18 - I am FREEZING!!!

10/19 - I love the sound system and radio in my Ford Edge. SO glad to be out of the minivan. I love me some loud music...just saying :)

10/20 - I love the day when the maid comes!! There is no better feeling than after the house is sparkling clean!!

317682_10150432047220429_106270215428_10842378_1884253140_n (1)10/21 - Naive, Dramatic, Serve and

305401_2422913445168_1021417036_2798685_1041688352_n10/22 - About to scrapbook in my scrapbook room.

10/23 - Family movie night - kids picked zookeeper....

10/24 - Every day I'm shuffling...

10/26 - We are looking to go to Austin for a weekend next month. We've never been. Is there a nice place to stay around $100/night or so that you would recommend and also, what fun things are there to do with the kiddos, or great places to eat? Thanks :)

10/31 - Happy Halloween Everyone! What are you or your kids dressing up as for Halloween this year?
Justin is a knight (as you saw the pics I uploaded) and Joey is a ninja!
Stay safe, my friends!! Be careful, when driving, of all the little kiddos around!

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