Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 2011 Facebook Statuses

12/3 - "Scrapbooking tonight at my house!! Can't wait to see the girls!! If you didn't get an invite, it's because I didn't know you scrapbooked, or that you were interested! Just shoot me a note and will add you to the monthly scrapbook meetups at my house that I host once a month :)"

12/4 - "I never went to sleep last night. Pulled an all nighter. Trying to stay awake... work server has been down. Fun times! ;)"

12/5 - "It is a pet peeve when the dr's office says their offices are open M-F 8-5 and it's 8:15 and their phones are still off."

"The fall colors in Dallas are normally drab, but right now they are the most beautiful orange and red I've ever seen here. They are gorgeous!"

12/6 - "Dallas has it's first snow of the season... Granted it's not much but it's snow."

"Loving the seat warmers in the car this morning. 32 degrees and a windchill of 24. Brrr"

12/10 - "As we are driving to Joey's soccer game we got behind someone driving very slow and Joey says from the back seat, "We got places to go and things to do..." LOL"

12/12 - "This new job transfer was PERFECT for me! I really missed doing application support and working with users! I'm super busy and loving it!"

12/13 - "Opened a Christmas card today and the photos I did of a friend's family in bluebonnets and daisies were the photos on her Christmas card this year! That was so cool! :)"

12/15 - "Facebook is changing on me again..."

12/17 - "My baseball diehard kids were adamant about going to the baseball field to get in some batting practice. I swear they are clones of their father."

12/20 - "Going to the Heard museum's Holiday Trail of Lights."

12/24 - "I'm feeling a little up and down today. Up because we are home and the boys are so excited to celebrate Christmas at home and we don't have to travel all over the place. This is our first Christmas ever at home.
Sad because this is the first Christmas ever without family. It kinda doesn't feel the same. We always spend Christmas day at my parent's house. I miss that tradition and I miss our family :("

12/25 - "Just skyped with my mom for Christmas. Mom and dad got to see everyone open gifts. It was super cool to gave them involved from Michigan.
Char - I wish u had a faster internet connection. I'll send pictures. ":("

12/27 - "Living in Michigan for 28 years, I still haven't gotten used to the fact the leaves stopped dropping their leaves last week and we are just now finishing raking and mowing."

12/28 - "Joe is making the boys 4x6 foot Lego table. They are so excited to finally have a place for their Legos! We are wrapping it in blue and green felt for water and grass. It was all Joe's idea!"

"I'm attempting to hook up my sewing machine and sew. The thing is I have no idea how to thread it (reading the manual) and I'm terrified of the sewing machine. #notcrafty"

"Joe is using the jigsaw. Joey says to Joe, "You are using such cool tools.""

12/30 - For you Texas/McKinney folks - I'm not impressed with Methodist McKinney Hospital. Their billing is awful. We go there and pay a facility charge, then have to pay a physician charge as well, and it so happens, though the facility takes BCBS, the doctor does not and so we are supposed to pay nearly $200 out of pocket, after a $300, facility charge - after insurance. Seriously? Not only that, they sent our first bill to collections on accident, before a month even passed.
My son only had the area over his eye glued. We were in an out in about 10 minutes after we go through the wait in the ER.
I was very happy with Craig Ranch ER last time we went and had no issues with billing. If we have any more ER visits, we won't be going to Methodist McKinney. Craig Ranch was kid friendly and we had no billing issues.
Rant done. :("

12/31 - "Can't believe it is 71 with a high of 75 today and I'm in shorts. What a way to bring in the New Year!"

"Quiet night at home tonight. Everyone have a safe and happy New Year!"

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