Sunday, December 4, 2011

9/7 - Justin’s first T-Ball Game

I did not take all of these photos. We had a dad team photographer that shared his photos with us. I admit it, I slacked with taking photos of Justin but I just had surgery for my sinuses at around this time, so I really wasn’t feeling up to it. Plus this guy’s photos were really nice!

174011383215Justin getting ready to bat.

334691383215Justin gets a hit!

342991383215Justin has an issue with making sure his penis is attached. I assure him it is, but he seems to always need to make sure.

658281383215Practice batting.

664311383215Justin getting Coach Merry a high five!

796051383215Justin playing in the field.

IMG_7790I took this photo of Justin before his game.

IMG_7797Justin getting hitting instruction.

IMG_7804I took those photos.


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