Sunday, December 4, 2011

9/16 - Advantages and Disadvantages to living on a golf course

There are advantages to living on a golf course – like:
    1. Good resale value
    2. being able to walk onto the course in the evening and practice
    3. Golf balls in the yard. As long as it’s not breaking windows, you start a nice golf ball collection.
    4. Nice View
    5. No neighbors in your backyard
Disadvantages to living on a golf course
  1. Broken Windows
  2. The golf course is allowed to start mowing grass at 6am. The noisy machines driving by your bedroom window at 6am is NOT a fun wake up call
  3. There is no privacy – people are in your backyard (technically) all the time. Getting a pool? Unless you have some good privacy setup somehow, golfers will be able to see you.
  4. There are normally more HOA restrictions if you live on a golf course, so your home looks nice from the course side.
  5. You run the risk that golfers will trespass into your yard to retrieve their lost balls. I’ve had one stand on my fence with a golf ball retrieving stick pulling their golf ball out of my yard and then arguing with me that he wasn’t trespassing. The guy was a complete jerk!
We finally decided to get a lexane window (like plexiglass) was put in so if another golf ball hits this window, it should bounce off.

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Maria Anna Ramirez said...

Golf courses should be planned to have enough spaces to cater golf balls flying around. Being bothered of this issues should be addressed and would highly recommend on living on a condo rather than in a community. Distance measured well enough to avoid accidents.