Sunday, December 4, 2011

9/13–Sinus Cleanout

So I go into the ENT office for a checkup after my surgery and they bring THIS (below) into the office.

So what he does – the ent sprays a combination of lidocane and afrin in my nose to numb it. He then sticks this contraption up to a machine that has sucking power. The metal wand is the microscope and the other is the sucking vacuum that pulls all of the snot off your sinuses. Good thing I was doing excessive nasal rinses because he said those that don’t keep everything moist in there has to have the hardened drainage YANKED off their sinuses.

It really wasn’t bad to have it done. It was a little pressure. No pain. I did feel better after they cleaned me out.

What I didn’t know is that my insurance would only cover about 400 of the 800 cost and this clean out that took about 5 minutes or less cost me FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! OUCH.


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