Saturday, December 31, 2011

11/3–Baseball Photos–McKinney Coach Pitch White Sox

IMG_3049-2Coach Mike having a team meeting



IMG_3076-2Some shots I did of the boys for Mike’s end of year coach’s gift. He wanted a snapfish album like I did for our soccer coach, Denise. Those photos turned out so nice!

IMG_3101-2Soren had a home run. This was his, ‘OH YEAH’ moment!

IMG_3109-2Joey swinging

IMG_3114-2Joey swinging.

IMG_3115-2Love this one of Joey. Joe said this is his favorite photo.



IMG_3197-2The Team

IMG_3217-2Goofy moment photo!

IMG_3227-2The coaches and team

Some highlights Joey had with his team this year:

  • Joey didn’t play baseball for a year, and decided he wanted to play again.
  • He seemed to really improve a lot since the last time he played and took more of an interest in it than previously.
  • He wanted to stay after practice to work on things like catching fly balls. His hard work helped because he would catch at least one or two fly balls each game. Joe said he was one of the only kids in the entire league who could catch a fly ball.
  • He was also one of the team’s best hitters and finished the year with 7 home runs.
  • Joey had a couple double plays. Joey fielded a ball in the outfield and threw another player out at second base.
  • Joey had a great year!

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