Saturday, December 31, 2011

11/12 - Day 2–Mount Bonnell,The State Capital in Austin, Saltlick bbq

First of all we went to Kerbey Lane for breakfast. We had a small wait and then sat down to breakfast. I think it was the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten. I got some really awesome omelet – The Portobello Omelet – Grilled portobello mushroom, red bell peppers and feta cheese. Topped with basil pesto.$8.05. It was soooo good.

They also had awesome pumpkin pancakes. If I lived in Austin I’d be here all the time. I’d totally recommend this place if you need a place to go to breakfast!

Then we went driving around just to sightsee, without a destination, and found this place by accident – Mount Bonnel. It’s a point that sits 775 feet above sea level. It took awhile to climb and I was tired by the time I made it, but the view was amazing. We couldn’t stay long because we had to check out of the hotel. We told the boys we had to leave and they cried. We told them we would come back.

We went and checked out and then came back. The boys hiked up and down the hill through the woods. They had a blast. Joe and I really enjoyed it as well. These are my favorite photos.

Overall we had a great trip and loved Austin. We loved the feel of the city and didn’t want to go back home!


IMG_8961Tells about the Mount (Hill)

IMG_8962This was the climb up


IMG_8982Love this one of the boys in the tree

IMG_8983One of my favorites – Joey up in the tree

IMG_8984Justin in the tree

IMG_8985This is another favorite.





IMG_9021The view from the top




IMG_9030This was the one I used for my Christmas cards.



Next – Trip to the state Capital. Notice – the Mount climbing and the State Capital trip were – FREE!!




IMG_9055This is the door hinge. It was huge.

IMG_9061The kids weren’t really interested in the senate rooms but loved the stairs. We had to tell them to stop running up and down the stairs.


IMG_9067The senate room

IMG_9070I liked seeing the board with all the names on it.

IMG_9072Joe thought the capital was so cool. He loved being in the Senate room.

IMG_9073The ceiling!! Can you see the spiral staircase near the top? I wonder who in their right mind would ever go up there? I got dizzy and a little afraid of heights just looking up.

IMG_9078This is what it looks like if you stand on the star at the bottom floor and look straight up at the dome. It’s GORGEOUS!

IMG_9079The boys in front of the capital.

IMG_9084This was the funniest story. The boys saw this squirrel and went chasing after it. The squirrel climbed the tree and the boys were like, ‘Where did the squirrel go?’ As they walked around the tree, the squirrel kept going around too, so they never saw the squirrel. Joe and I were laughing so hard, we almost fell over. See the squirrel on the other side of the tree?!

IMG_9085Justin, ‘Where that squirrel?’

2011-11-12_15-03-36_166We heard Saltlick was the best bbq in Austin. We drove quite a ways out in the country to get there. We had about a 45 min wait to get seated. We were given what you see here and it was unlimited. Joe and I thought the meat was good, the sides were ok…but it wasn’t amazing. Plus - THEY ONLY TAKE CASH!!!  Seriously!?!?!? We didn’t have cash. We had to use their ATM, which charged fees, to pay the bill. RIDICULOUS! Who doesn’t take credit cards anymore?

2011-11-12_19-24-44_460The Dallas skyline at night, as photographed by the camera on my phone.

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