Saturday, December 17, 2011

10/8–Fun Fun Fun!

2011-10-08_12-14-30_174The kids love their sonic tots!

When the Tigers won the Playoffs and were playing the Texas Rangers Joe immediately bought tickets for himself and decided to take Joey. Since Joe and Joey were having a fun day, I decided to take Justin and his best friend, Mason, to the bounce house for the day. They had a blast!

2011-10-08_16-55-24_915Mason and Justin at the bounce house for open bounce.

IMG-20111008-WA0004Joey riding the shuttle to the park.

IMG-20111008-WA0006Joey playing wiffle ball baseball pregame kids games.

IMG-20111008-WA0007Joey got the bulleye and won a Texas Ranger Hat. Of course he was wearing a Detroit Tigers shirt so a woman nearby where they were sitting was giving him a hard time about it!

IMG-20111008-WA0009Their view

IMG-20111008-WA0010They were very very excited to watch the game!

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