Monday, December 19, 2011

10/23 - Weekend randomness

2011-10-23_00-20-24_632My prom night page

2011-10-23_10-24-51_33Joey hanging out with dad



2011-10-23_10-25-08_730Justin playing games on my nook color



2011-10-23_14-23-04_81We painted this old display rack that we had in the game room displaying shot glasses. It used to be my parents. Joe decided he didn’t want it and I asked him if he could paint it for me. He painted it white and I have it filled with scrapbook stuff! I LOVE it in my scrapbook room.

2011-10-23_14-32-27_647My new rack!

2011-10-23_14-32-36_101Doesn’t it look great?!

2011-10-23_19-19-47_654The boys each had their first banana split. They honestly both were not fans…

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